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  1. Good afternoon!

    Love your gin and have it at three of my restaurants,
    Would love to represent you by buying some fun tees
    or merchandise!

    Regards and fantastic job!

    Thank you!

  2. Joel Johnson says:

    Your business and brand intrigues us!

    We are The Lincoln Park Young Professionals, The Lincoln Park Social Productions & The Billionaire Lifestyle Events of Chicago!

    These are special events marketing companies that host a variety of monthly events such as wine, martini, craft beer, bourbon, scotch, whiskey & champagne tastings, restaurant openings, black ties, scavenger hunts, fashion shows, boat cruises, adventure trips, sporting events, fine dining, concerts, cooking demos, boutique openings, new car test drives, and great networking events around Chicago.

    We host fun unique events at premiere Chicago venues, The Peninsula Hotel, Bentley/Lamborghini Gold Coast, The Blackstone Hotel, Chicago Cultural Center, The University Club, Chicago Yacht Club, The Field Museum, The Columbia Yacht Club, Broadway In Chicago, Hard Rock Hotel, The Drake Hotel, Bloomingdale’s. Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Chanel, Tiffany’s, Whole Foods, Banana Republic, Chicago Water Tower and more….

    Our Sponsors have enjoyed direct access to the LPYP clientele. Our unique business model hits the key 25-45 year Chicago young professional, primarily single, social, community minded, high disposable income and eager to network with other professionals. We market via our 100,000+ email databases, direct mail programs, print, magazine, radio, PR and concierge contacts in Chicago.

    Where can I send a media kit with customized sponsorship info for your company?

    Let me know if your company is interested in Sponsorship/Sampling/Selling Tables.

    We are always looking for new venues and brands to host our monthly events!

    We connect products and services with the young professional market in fantastic Chicago social settings.

    Several of our last events had over 650 guests in attendance and 50 sampling tables.

    Join the fun! Join the Success!

    Joel Johnson

    Lincoln Park Young Professionals

    Lincoln Park Social Productions

    Billionaire Lifestyle Events



  3. Augusta Fallis says:

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  4. May Bustard says:

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  5. Kourtney Branson says:

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  6. Sergio Sizemore says:

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